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Appt Update

My appt was good. I barely passed my GD test. I think she said I was 7.4 and the upper limit of 'ok' was 7.7. Something like that. Anyways, whatever. The issue that showed up on my bloodwork is that my iron is moderately low. It's not in a critical state but they did notice a BIG drop in my iron stores, which means baby is taking from the stores I guess. The midwife gave me a list of iron rich foods I should try to eat, or I can go to the health food store and get a supplement.

I panicked last night feeling a big ball like structure where my breech DD liked to put her head...but the midwife felt today and she thinks it might be the bum. She thinks perhaps baby's head is in my left hip bone and laying sideways.

Today has been a really rough day emotionally. Nothing specific just a bunch of little things crashing down on me. I told the midwife again about it and she said to just watch things. I had SO MANY good this. Sad

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Yay of not breech! I hope your new diet will work for u. Glad u don't have to worry abt gd.

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Don't worry about the GD "barely" passing. An hour after that glucose drink, getting a 7.4 is still totally normal. Forget about it now!!!
My iron was a little low too. I've been taking Ferrous Gluconate fairly often and haven't had any bad side effects. Plus, it was pretty cheap too. I'm sure you could control it with diet pretty easily too!

Sorry you are feeling down. I had a "glum" day today too, just overwhelmed with my kids. I think a nice hot bath and a bowl of icecream are in order Wink Try to have a good evening!

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Glad to hear you passed the GD test (even if barely). And my little guy seems to be in a "tucked" position a lot of the time so his bum will feel like a head up in my ribs too. If your midwife feels good about it, I wouldn't stress. Sorry you had a rough day *hugs* hope you get a nice relaxing weekend to feel better!

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Thanks ladies. Today has been great so far. We took DD to a neighbourhood garage sale and wandered around. Then she went to my mom's house to play. Hubby and I went to the pub for lunch and then to Costco alone! Ahhhhh! Now it's nap time and I'm relaxing on he couch. I did too much walking and my hip is sore, but such is life!

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Glad your midwife gave you good news. And I'm even happier that you are feeling better today. It's ok to have some bad days. We all do. We are all human. Hope you don't have another one for a while!

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Glad to hear your check up went well overall. Sorry you had a rough day emotionally. Sad Hope it was just an off day and you have many more good than bad ones. :bighug:

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Yesterday and today have been good! PHEW!