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Appt update

Ethan passed all his tests today. Official csection date and time is next Tues (25th) @ 10am. Not dialated suprise suprise. His head is really low which already knew because of the pain and pressure and feeling it myself. They are guessing he is around 7lbs 3oz right now per the ultrasound. I still have to go in for a bpp and nst on Monday. I've given up hope that I will go into labor before then and that I just need to suck it up and deal with the discomfort. My face and ears turned beat red when she checked me because of how sore I am fromm him being low. I'm such a wimp when it comes to pain down there. I can handle contractions but mess with my goods and I'm a huge baby

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Yay for an official end date!

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Sounds good! Smile

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Sorry you haven't had any progression but YAY for a date set!!

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Can't wait to meet your Ethan, too! Smile

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Glad Ethan looked good on all his tests today. Also yippee for having a date! It really won't be long and the discomfort will just be a memory. Biggrin