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Appts update

So on Tuesday we had our m/w appt and u/s. the appointment with my m/w went so well!!! She is so great and so understanding. Just a blood pressure check which was great, and ordered lots of bloodwork. We talked about the emit all aspects of this pregnancy, specifically facing another delivery after my DD's traumatic delivery (she was also my m/w for that one, so grateful to have her again). Because I had terrible reactions to pain medication, there is no point for me to go to the hospital this time, really. Here in BC midwives can do home births and are actually encouraged to do so when it's appropriate because it saves our healthcare system a lot of money. So I am considering one. Going to the hospital triggers my PTSD quite badly so I really don't think it's a good idea for me to deliver there again. And at home I can have a water birth which I think I would enjoy. But we will see, long time yet to decide. We heard the heartbeat too! It was behind mine so a little hard to catch, but definitely there.

the ultrasound was great too! My dates didn't change, baby is right on track. We saw him or her swimming and waving and it was sooooo cute. And we heard the heartbeat super clearly! We have come on out Facebook and to everyone so it is well and truly official now lol. Oh, and I have quit my job!!!!!! I'm not returning after my maternity leave. It is a bit scary to be on one income but we can do it. I will be a SAHM but I am also launching my own business so that will be fun too!

Whew long update! Looking forward to catching up with you all Smile

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Glad your appt and sono went well.

What sort of business are you launching?

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Great news Hilary! So exciting! Our midwife has a birthing suite in the basement of the house they practice in. It's SO beautiful! My friend had her daughter there because they live in an apartment and didn't want to do the birth there.

We considered a home birth with DD (sort of like see how it goes when I'm in labour) but because she was breech we had a c-section...and now I HAVE to be at the hospital for the vbac. Sad

Did you get a pic of your wee one? I love that he/she was waving! I'm so excited to see my munchkin on Wednesday!

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Sounds GREAT!!!! I definitely think you should do the homebirth. I have considered it, but having 5 kids running around when I'm in labor isn't exactly "peaceful" to me. Wink Thankfully we have a stand a lone birth center, so I don't have to do the hospital either. Although, I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed my hospital births, but I feel there is less health risk with the birth center.

How exciting that you get to stay home! Smile

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yay for a great update! and yes we need pics! What is your new business?

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Glad to hear everything is going well!

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Sounds like an awesome appointment! Can't wait to see the pic of your little one!

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wow sounds like a lot of things are going, glad the appt and ultrasound went well