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    My circulation has gone to crap. My right arm is so numb it is excruciating. I have heard of people having poor circulation in their hands and arms before, sometime associated with pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel, but this pain I am having is not anywhere near my wrist. It is mostly focused on my bicep and upper arm area, although the whole arm is extremely numb. I tried not to compress it more by sleeping on it, but you know how many times we toss and turn at night!

    Any ideas to make this feel better and boost my circulation?
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    no suggestions really. I had this a few months ago, especially when sleeping.

    Hope it gets better for you!
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    Ugh sounds miserable. Do you have a hot pad you could put on it during the day at least? I don't know what other suggestions to make...normally I'd say ibuprofen but obviously that isn't suggested for preggos
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    I would try the chiropractor. You could have something pinched or out of place. That has happened to me before.

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