Ashley, JoTrapp, and ME :)

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Ashley, JoTrapp, and ME :)

Hope we all have good appts tomorrow! Good luck!

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Good luck! Hope there's news for those if you at 39-ish weeks!

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Thank u for covering that for me Sandra. Good luck girls!

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Good luck to all! Definitely hoping Sandra and Ashley get reports of some type of progress...KUP Smile

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And me. I never have mine on the appointment schedule - mostly since I'm so bad about booking my appointments, then end up calling a couple days before and taking whatever I can get. Like this time, I called yesterday. Oops.

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Hoping to break my past record of not making any progress until my 40 week appt Wink

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Good news my strep b came back negative, so happy about that and I posted about being 1cm dilated and 30 efface. next appointment on the 6, can't wait to see what's gonig on. The young lady at Alex daycare said she went into labor a week after finding out she was 1cm, every body is different and I was dilated with Alex for weeks. So we will see...just happy to see something happening.