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Have any of you seen the documentary 'Babies'? I watched it on Netflix the other night and it was SO neat. I'm not sure if US Netflix has it or not. It follows 4 babies from 4 different countries during the first year of life. The babies are from: Mongolia, Namibia, San Francisco and Tokyo. There is no narration in the show...just the footage back and forth between the babies doing similar things. It was so neat.

Babies (2010) - IMDb

The part I laughed at the most was the Mongolian baby being tied to the bedpost like a dog while he crawled around the room. I'm not sure where his parents were...but wow. Could you imagine doing that here? LOL. Oh also, when he was climbing up on a rusty old barrel naked and scraping his junk up on the barrel. OUCH! Those must be some tough boy-bits!!!!

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I love that movie!! I was kind of concerned for that Mongolian baby, it seemed no one was ever watching him and he had no pants or diaper on ever lol. I loved how the Namibian women would just breastfeed whoever was around.

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I want to see this!!! Smile DH and I started to watch it once, but we were trying to stream it or something, and it wasn't working, so we only caught the first 10 minutes or so.

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This movie was definitely cool. It was neat being able to see how babies from different cultures are raised!

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I thought it was cute. My midwife recommended it to me last time, haha!

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Just watched it last week! Loved it!

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Yup! I saw it a while ago and enjoyed it, although it wasn't quite what I had expected.