Baby baby baby ...

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Baby baby baby ...

Sorry I had a crazy busy day today and haven't had time to get on! We are having a baby GIRL!!!! Team pink! Yay!!!! The Dr had an emergency surgery so I didn't see him today, but the tech didn't seem worried and said everything looked good. I am so in love! She was ALL about her thumb! I can't wait to meet her!

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Congrats, Lauren Smile

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Yay! Go team Pink!!!

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Congrats on your little girl

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Thanks y'all! Sorry the pic is seriously huge!! Posting from my phone!

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Congrats on the girl!

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Aweeeeee, super cute! Congrats on team pink! That u/s pic is so sweet!

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Yay! Congrats on your baby girl! Biggrin

I'm sure Malia will love having a sis so close to her age.

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Awe, thumb sucking pic! So cute! Congrats on your little GIRL!! Yahoo

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Congrats! That is a really good picture.

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Congrats on your girl!

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congrats on your little girl!!

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:woohoo: What a cute little girl you have there!! I love the thumb in the mouth. Smile

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What a great picture!! Congrats on your little girl!!

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Thank y'all! I can't stop looking at her! Smile