Baby boy's birth story (yes he will have a name soon!)

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Baby boy's birth story (yes he will have a name soon!)

All day Saturday I was having mild contractions, which was the same like I had with DD, so we kept getting excited that perhaps labor was impending.. then the petered out and I went to sleep.

When I woke up, DD nursed and I started having contractions 6-7 minutes apart with a lot of pressure and cramps when I would stand and walk a lot. After about an hour, they started slowing down to every 10-20 minutes, but were much more intense than the day before. I also had some bloody show at about 10 in the morning, so I started getting excited that real labor would start soon. And so I just made sure to rest, drink, and enjoy watching DD play outside. By about 3:30 they were getting closer to the 8-10 minute range, but I still didn't feel like it was labor. DD decided not to nap that day, and by 4:30 she was a total wreck screaming about nothing and begging to nurse. I wasn't sure that I would be able to handle the contractions while holding her nursing, but she was so sad that I decided to anyway. She nursed, fell asleep in my arms, and immediately following (during) the nursing my contractions when to 3-4 minutes apart. At that point we paged the midwife. Didn't hear back so we paged another one. When I spoke to her and told her about my day, she originally said that we'd wait another 20 minutes and see if they stayed on, but they had already been pretty consistent, and when I told her that last time I almost slept through transition she decided to come right away.

The midwife arrived at 5:30 and assessed me and checked me. I was at 4-5cm and about 80% effaced. She said with a second baby this could mean real labor, or it could still not - I think she was just not used to how I handled contractions. She was going to stay for at least an hour to make sure (she was sure after another few minutes I'm sure).

Then the back labor began. Again. Ugh. But at least I knew what to do. So I got down on my knees with my hands and face on my rocking chair, breathed through the contractions, got DH to massage my back through the more painful ones, and watched tv Smile She called the student who was to attend my birth. When DD woke up around 6ish, she started leaning over the chair with me to labor with me. So cute.

The student arrived at 6:30, my mom took DD to her house around 6:40, and what I was watching was over just before 7. So it seemed like a good time to go up and see how things were progressing. By this time my midwife really wanted to know since I was handling the contractions quite quietly and not really making much fuss.

Got checked at 7pm and was only about 5-6. Which made me a bit annoyed since I was hoping things would go faster this time (don't worry they did!). The contractions were getting quite a bit stronger, and starting to be less than 2 minutes apart. So I lay down to get some rest, and had DH massage every time there was one. Then I got to the point where massaging only one side (since I was lying on my side) just wasn't good enough, and I went back to knees on the floor and hands on the bed. They had already called the second midwife, and she arrived at 7:30. Contractions were very strong then, very close, and quickly spreading up my back into my mid back, but I couldn't bring myself to change positions. Finally just after 8pm I decided that maybe I should lose the pants in case my water broke! After that I quickly started feeling the urge to push. It took about 3 contractions for that urge to become full on, (which gave them time to put lots of underpads underneath me to protect my carpet since I didn't want to move onto the bed). I started to push, as well as hold myself back from pushing to strong since I was really trying to go slow to avoid tearing. Then I had a huge push and felt my water break. I said: "Oh crap, that was my water? I was hoping it was the head!!" To which they responded, "it was the head, give another push!!!" So my water broke as the head came out. After the head was out, they let DH catch the baby. Then put him between my legs to I could see him right away and announce that he was a boy (since it was a surprise after all). It took me a couple looks since I was just so happy he was out. I also made sure to look at the clock the second he came out (we did need to know if it was before sundown or not for the circumcision, but I'm also weird like that). 8:37pm just 4 hours after I went into labor! We moved onto the bed, and I held him. He latched and nursed right away, and they gave me lots of extra cord time, and then DH cut the cord as well. They also gave me lots of time to deliver the placenta which made it much easier feeling than with DD since I didn't feel rushed to push again. It was all very calm, lots of time to do everything, they hustled around me quietly so I didn't feel bothered or rushed for anything. They checked me out and lo and behold no tearing! WOOHOO! DH had already called people, DD already came to see her brother, and everyone kept bothering us about his weight since we didn't weigh him the second he was born! I went to pee (only an hour after birth, and unlike last time where I sat on the toilet for half an hour trying to pee) it took me all of one second and was painless. I was SO happy! They brought me food and drink, helped me to the shower. Then we weighed and measured - 7lb 8oz (a lot smaller than we were expecting) and 20 inches of perfection!! And to top it all off, I was already home!

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Glad to hear that all went well! Such a great story! Once Jonah was out things calmed down a bit for me too. We delivered the placneta quite a bit after he was born. We probably didn't weigh him until an hour after he was born, and you know what I really didn't care! It was actually kind of nice!

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That is such a great birth story! I'm so glad everything went so well. Super mama or what!

I love how calm everything was...and so laid back. Ahhhhhh...

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How relaxing. I wish I handled ctx that well. Go u.

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Sounds like a wonderful birth experience. Glad it went so smoothly! Smile

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Awesome job!! What a great birth. It sounds like it went just the way you were hoping it would. I remember when I was in labor with Aidan, things got more intense after nursing his big sis to sleep. It's nice how that works to help things along. Congratulations!!! Smile

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How awesome! Such a great birth story!! Congrats!

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Sounds wonderful! Good job!

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Sounds like a great birth!! Congrats on your BOY!! And yahoo for not tearing Yahoo