Baby is FINE!!!! YAY!!!

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Baby is FINE!!!! YAY!!!

I just got the CVS results and baby looks good! YAY!!!! HAPPY DAY!!!!!

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Glad you finally got your good news!

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yay! now time to go public!

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*insert large smile across my face*


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Yahoo happy everything looks good

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Yahoo YES!!!!! Soooo happy for you!!

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Yey Smile So glad girl!!

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YAY!!!! :jumpingbeans: Best news ever!

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Yeah!! Congrats; that is wonderful news.

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"sandraleigh" wrote:

*insert large smile across my face*


I'm getting our Christmas cards together right now...complete with the announcement. Going to mail the out of town ones today and the local ones tomorrow. Weeeeeee!

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I am really glad that you have finally gotten the results, and that they were good!

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Yayyy! Great news!!!

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Yahoo Yay!! So glad you finally for your good news and can move on.

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Fabulous news Heather!!! Smile :-) Smile

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So happy for you Heather! Smile