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Baby Name Genie

HA HA, this thing is so fun. Put your last name in and it come up with baby names. Totally makes me laugh!

Baby Name Genie : Baby Name Generator

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I tried but my phone won't let me do it! Blah!!But I have done it before! So funny.

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ha ha ha - Nestor!

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Lucas. Hmmmm, I kinda like it!

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I didn't like most of the names it came up with...but it DID come up with Kennedy!!!! I like that name (it's DD's name!). It had a different middle name than hers. DH probably thought I was losing it because I was laughing pretty hard at each name.

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lots of them were a no way but some were kinda good. I like abnormal sounding names. though i think I have a while to decide lol.

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That thing is fun!!! I actually like some of the names it came up with! Smile We decided on names later and later each pregnancy. We didn't decide on Aidan's name until a half hour before he was born!

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Makayla Paula for a girl, not a fan...
Jeremiah Saul for a boy, not a fan either...

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Ya, it's fun...but some are definitely NO GO! I got "Rowan Kendra" today. Ummmm...I thought Rowan was a boy's name...but Kendra is a girl's name. Weird!

I just like to sit here and press the button over and over. LOL

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It gave me Simone Chana A. :eek:

...does this mean I'm having a girl!?! Biggrin

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hmm the first 3 were all boy names... lucas then the girls. chanel paris.. no thank you ! Addison PAtrick? I thought Addison was a girls name!