Baby number two is on the way!

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Baby number two is on the way!

Well I have been MIA for a while, trying to take it easy and relax about ttc #2. It worked! We got a bfp on Sunday while we were unpacking from our week vacay. We are very excited and a little nervous about adding another little one to our family. Can't wait to meet everyone and make some new friends on this 9, well 8 month journey!!

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HEY! Welcome! I recognize your username from a couple months ago! Glad to see you got your BFP! I'm pg with my second too!

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Welcome and congrats!

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Congrats! Our older children were born in the same month too Smile

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welcome and congrats!!

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Congratulations! Welcome to June Biggrin

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Congrats, welcome to June!

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Congrats!! Smile

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Welcome and congrats! HH9M to you Smile

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Congrats & welcome!

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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I am so excited to be on this journey with all of you!

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Congrats and welcome!! Another Texan!!! Smile

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Congrats and HH9M!!

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