Back from my post O scan

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Back from my post O scan

Im feeling a little deflated Sad

Out of my mature 3 follies, only one released.

I know it's great that I released one, but I had so hoped for two just to give dh's swimmers more targets and up my chances. Need some positive vibes ladies, I should be happier than I am really, can't help feeling I'm out already and that's stupid lol!

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Feeling 'out' is normally a good sign!!!
Everything is in your favour!!!
Great lining!
Great timing!!
Great egg!!!
Great you!!!!


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I agree...egg count aside, everything else sounds GREAT!!!! Remember, it only takes one egg! I have everything crossed for you!!!!

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Things may not have gone the way you wanted but you still have a chance!

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Thinking positive for you!

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Thanks everyone, you girls always make me feel better Smile

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Fingers Xed for you! It does just take one!

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I agree that feeling "out" is a great sign. You still have a good chance with one egg. Good luck!