Back from vacation.

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Back from vacation.

Just wanted to let you all know we made it back. It was a good trip, although the weather in MN was pretty sad. The kids did great for 3 days in the car though (there and back) - absolutely no issues there. It was nice to see family again, and this pregnancy has been really easy and there were problems with the baby (or my body) what-so-ever. Overall a good trip. I have been able to log in a few times since getting back home, but haven't had time to post. Hopefully I'll start having time again.

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Glad u had a good time and are back safe! Remember to post your belly pic. I'm curious to see it. Smile

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So happy you had such a nice time!

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Welcome back!!! We missed you. Glad everything went well, even if the weather didn't co-operate.

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Welcome back! I've been wondering how you were doing...glad your trip went well and y'all got back safely. Smile

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Glad to hear that your trip went well!

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Glad you had a nice trip. That's a LOT of time in the car...I'm impressed your kids did well. I wouldn't have Wink