Being preggo and sick just isn't fair

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Being preggo and sick just isn't fair

As if the morning sickness wasn't bad enough, now I've caught my kiddos stomach bug. I'm so nauseous and tired between the illness and the preg that all I want to do is lay here. I think I drank a gallon of ginger tea yesterday!

Anyone have any great preg-friendly ideas to help me feel better? I can't call in sick this week at work. I'm a prof and this week is midterms. Can't bail on those!

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Ugh, I'm so sorry! That is truly unfair! I don't have any ideas but hoping you feel better quick. :bighug:

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Sorry you are so sick!

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You might just have to get the doctor to write a prescription for Zofran, that will at least help with the vomiting.

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Oh that's terrible! Hope you are feeling much better by monday.

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that sucks! Can someone take the kids all day so you can just nap/relax? Peppermint can calm a stomach sometimes, so peppermint candy?

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That's terrible. At least stomach viruses tend to be fast and furious. So, the "virus" part of it should be over fairly soon. Vitamin B (massive amounts) can help with nausea.

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Ugh! How utterly unfair! I hope you feel better before tomorrow. Sad

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Ugh I'm so sorry! I got the worst stomach flu when I was preggo with my second and it is beyond miserable...i have never thrown up so much in my whole life. My only suggestion is to make sure you are getting enough fluids especially if you're throwing up.

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Oh that's awful! I agree with the zofran. Feel better fast!!

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I'm a pretty crunchy momma, so prescription stuff isn't usually my first approach. If it continues I might have to consider it... I'm hoping it'll pass quickly. I made chicken and rice soup tonight in the hopes that that'll help. Got an organic chicken, used the carcass to make stock and chopped up the meat for the soup. I hope that'll make a difference. Sad

Thanks for the thoughts, ladies!

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Hope you feel better soon! I was sick with both DS1 and DS2 along with m/s. It was horrible! I have been lucky so far as to just have m/s this time. Your right, doesn't seem fair to have both!