Belly Buttons :)

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Belly Buttons :)

Whose belly button pops out by the end of pregnancy?

Mine did with all of mine, but after baby #3 my belly button seems irreparably damaged LOL. Even after my belly shrunk down again after having Emerson last year, my belly button still stuck out a bit - not that it changed from an innie to an outie or anything, but the top part is always slightly raised now.

I'm only 16 weeks and you can already see my belly button poking against my shirts. It's RIDICULOUS.

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Mine is messed up from baby #2. The only stretch mark I got with him was in the top of my belly button and the whole top 1/3 never went quite back to normal. So at this point that part is noticeable for sure. My belly button has never fully popped out but was close last time. This time it probably doesn't stand a chance.

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Mine never popped with my first - it just kept getting flatter. With every baby after that it has popped. It pops just a little bit earlier with each subsequent pregnancy. So if I keep having babies eventually I won't need to take a pregnancy test... my belly button will just pop out and I'll know that I'm pregnant. Wink Thankfully if has always returned to its former self after the baby is born.

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"akpufa" wrote:

The only stretch mark I got with him was in the top of my belly button and the whole top 1/3 never went quite back to normal.

My ONLY stretch mark from DD is at the top of my bell button. It's about 1/2" long (so not big). I blame it on the piercing I have there as it came out of the piercing hole.

My belly button didn't pop out last time but it went FLAT. This is my belly a couple days before she was born. I was about 37 weeks something. You can see my crooked belly ring holes. LOL

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Pretty much the EXACT same as you Sandra. It never went back to the right spot after DD. The top part pokes out a bit, and now that I'm showing/popped, you can see that top piece against my shirt. But it never went "out" more flat with the top lip sticking out a bit.

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Mine never has popped out. Last time it did get flat, there is no telling what it will do this time!

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Yes, mine pops. I've always had a bit of an outtie though so not surprising.

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Mine did not pop with DD, it got pretty shallow tho. this time im not expecting it to either as one of my incisions from my recent surgery is right in it.

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mine never popped out it just went flat like heathers, i wonder what it will do this time around

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Mine never popped, just went kind of flat. It is still weird looking from the last pregnancy, and is ALREADY flattening out now :eek: