Benadryl please?

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Benadryl please?

Ok I was stupid. My sister cooked shrimp in the zatarans spice mix, I am mildly allergic to shrimp, but super allergic to the zatarans mix (which is silly because I can eat the jambalaya premade packs) but I was in the house while she was cooking it. Last time I was doing laundry over there and the kitchen was all steamed up with it and had a pretty bad allergic reaction and started swelling before I was pregnant, so I know it was stupid to be there this time but I haven't seen my sister much lately and stayed this time as well. The house wasn't all steamy this time, she had on the blower above (which is one of the awesome ones which vents to outside) and she had it covered while it was cooking and I was in another part of the house. But now I am starting to feel a bit itchy (not to be confused with a bit b**chy, lol) and I know we aren't supposed to take it, but would one dose of benadryl really hurt? I don't think it will get too bad but still don't want to risk going all cherry tomato red and itchy or worse.

EDIT: some lists say its ok and some say not to take it. blech........

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Sorry, I don't have any advice to offer...I pretty much avoid all medications when I'm pregnant. If I were you I'd call my midwife or the nurses line that we have here. Do you have anywhere you could phone?

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I also try to avoid taking anything. I did read someone on my other board mention something about taking one. I did take a gravol the other day after both the midwife and doctor said it was okay to take one despite it otherwise not being recommended. I would put a call into a nurse/midwife line to get a go ahead. My SIL sometimes would take little sips of red wine to dull a reaction. Not that I would recommend alcohol either lol!

ETA: for the future, could you ask your sister to make something different for dinner when you're going to visit? cause that's crazy.

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Not fun! I hope you found some relief. My doc has Benadryl (diphenhydramine) on his approved list for allergies. Sorry wih I would've seen this last night.

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Meh she usually doesn't cook it, but I had called after she already went to the store and got stuff for dinner. I am not usually too worried about it. I chugged a bit of DS Benadryl for kids, its sad how very little of almost any type of medication makes me feel stoned.

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from the list i found online it says benadryl, cream for skin or tablet for systemic Clartin, chlor-trimeton, dimetapp, prescribed allegra, tavist and zyrtrec is ok

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my list from the ob has benedryl listed for insomnia. I use it when my allergie get bad.

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