Best moment of having the baby/hospital?

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Best moment of having the baby/hospital?

I know it is a strange question up to 3 months after having our babies, but I was on Facebook and I saw a picture of my cousins daugther being wheeled out of the hospital with the baby.

I realized that was my favorite moment with both babies! I was alone (except with the person pushing me) and DS and now DD cradled in my arms. (I've always sent DH down with the carseat ahead of time because both babies were preterm and had to pass the carseat test)

Feeling the fresh air and knowing we were going home to our little family. Those moments I can actually smell and feel when I recall them whereas the birth and first day or so is just so fuzzy. With DS it was also the first time it sunk in that now I was someone's Mommy.

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It's a good question. Smile

this time it was the moment Oliver was born. Since it was my first drug- free birth, I was completely blown away by the rush of hormones that happens when you aren't numb. It was amazing.

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This was my only drug free birth too, and I felt pretty much like a rock star after pushing him out! I was so proud of myself. It was pretty awesome.

They don't push you in a wheel chair when you leave the hospital here.

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My favorite moment from both of them had to be the first cuddle, the only time I have ever been completely in awe of another person. DS's was fuzzy from the meds but in my memory when they put him up on my chest I became hyper aware of him, same with Wyn without the medicated haze before and after.

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same here it was my first drug free birth and on top of that she was born in the ambulance ..I was so proud of myself

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I am proud of you too Karen! Lord knows, I would have been freaking out so bad I prolly would have passed out...

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With dd1 it was the moment we locked eyes. Amazing feeling. I told my mom that moment "i was born to do this" with dd2 it was clouded with everything that she was dealing with. I think it was after having answers when i took charge and changed her but the first time, thats when i knew I could do it.

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Both my births pretty much sucked and I'm still pretty upset about how the last one went down. For me I think it was when we were finally alone in our room just the three of us (Hubby, baby and I). That's the moment when it sinks in and you can study and get to know your new wee one.

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I just liked the feeling of being in a cocoon. Once I got home I knew things were going to get crazy! I was also relieved that pregnancy and labor was over and I had survived Smile