Best possible outcome

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Best possible outcome

Friday we had Emalyn's ortho appointment. They took off her cast and evaluated her knee and hip and she is doing much better than expected! Her knee no longer hyperextends when straightened and she is more than 90degree bend now! He said at most she will be treated another 2 months and best case scenario only 4 more weeks! She was placed in a pavlik harness and its taken some getting used to and refi guarding out brestfeeding but its not nearly as bad as I expected. She is in it 24 hrs a day right now but once he sees the ultrasound from Friday he will call and give us new requirements and the results so she may not need it full time even. The u/s tech said her hip is loose but one of the milder cases he's seen. :). She is just sailing through this. She was over 6# Thursday also. O and she is a great sleeper. Her usual at night is 5.5 hrs and last night was 8hrs! I'm up more with elora than her. Ahe does have a cough and stuffed up nose. Should I be concerned?

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Oh yay! What an awesome appt! We should have known she'd do this well. She's consistently beating the odds. Keep up the good work!

I wouldn't worry too much about the cold. Just keep BF'ing and she'll get the antibodies you're creating. Smile

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Ugh, sorry. Tablet double post.

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Wow, that is great news!!! Smile :-) Smile

As for the cold, don't worry about it. Maybe some saline drops in the nose if she is really stuffed, but otherwise it will work itself out.

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Awesome news!! So so happy to hear this update! KUP on what the doc says about her latest u/s results. Smile

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I am glad to hear that you had great news, and hope future results are just as great or better!

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Great appt!! So glad it is healing so quickly.

8 hours straight! That is fantastic. As for the cold other than possibly using a humidifier, I would just ride it out unless the cough gets to sounding chest-y then I would take her to the pedi. just to be safe.

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That's wonderful!!!

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great news! I'm glad it's resolving quickly.

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Yay great news!! Go Em! If her cold isn't preventing her from eating or causing a fever then I wouldn't stress it too much. My older two got a little cold after DS1 was born and he got too stuffed to eat so I had to flush him out with saline water, not fun (he freaked) but it did fix the problem.