Birth Center Tour.

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Birth Center Tour.

It was nice. The exam rooms were exam rooms, the nst room looked comfy. The birthrooms are fantastical, queen beds and large tubs in room. There are three birthrooms with different "themes", darkish colors and really quiet. They said they have never had to refuse a mother while in labor, so that's pretty reassuring. It seems like they might want me to take classes but none of them are at good times (as DH works over night) and they don't really have a lot of options left, they have one sibling class before I am due that DS will have to take if he is going to be there but no other options on that front. So if they require me to take classes (which I don't think they do, in theory) I might have to choose somewhere else, yet again. But heres to hoping it all works out well.

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That sounds like a very lovely place! I hope they don't force you to take the classes. Would you need DH to be there for them? I mean, if the timing is wrong, then the timing is wrong. Could you go alone? It sounds really nice otherwise!

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Glad you liked it from the tour. I hope everything works out with the classes so you don't have to search for other options.

ETA: Classes are hard with second or more babies IME. DH and I paid for a Bradley course (12 classes) when I was pregnant with DS1. We were already cutting it close to get all the classes in before he was born but only made it to 3 classes after he made an early arrival. The instructor offered to let us take the course for free with our next pregnancy but I couldn't afford the childcare for DS1. That was a bummer!

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That sounds like a nice place. I hope it all works out so u don't have to search again.

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The birth center I go to does require classes as well. Thankfully they are letting me be exempt at this point. I was kind of looking forward to a full Saturday away from the kids to relax with other moms to be. Wink Oh, and they only require the mom's to come. Of course they encourage the dad's as well, but they don't have to come.

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That sounds lovely!

I hope you can find a way to figure out the class situation. DS was very excited about 'graduating' birthing class because my water broke the morning after our last class. lol!

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DH wouldn't be able to come to any of them, but because he is so squeamish he isn't my support person. My little sister would be able to come to the classes with me, but really they are at crap times, and looking at the prices they seem pretty high. I guess I will find out in a couple weeks. Maybe all the classes will be booked up because it looks like they tend to sell out.
DH is also pretty stuck on DS being there for the entire time I am in labor, which I am not totally against but I don't think it is a very good idea. We won't live very far away and if someone would watch him at the house he could come up when I am actually pushing and still get the first few minutes with the baby... I dunno I don't want him to get under foot or start freaking out or something.