Birth Story :)

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Birth Story :)

Last belly picture from Tuesday morning...

We got to the hospital to start the induction at 7:15. Per this hospital's regulations, I wasn't allowed to eat from midnight the night before on so I was hoping this would go as fast as my last induction because I'm a wimp about not getting to eat. Anyway, my doctor wasn't here and asked the on call doc to break my water. I was only dilated to 1 cm still so she wasn't sure if she'd be able to get to it. Sure enough, she got in with some serious effort but then my bag was so thick it didn't want to break (had the same problem last time too) so it took a good 5 solid minutes of her and the nurse pushing on my stomach and prodding at the water bag to get that dang thing to go which was probably one of the worst parts of the whole labor. She said I was stretching to about 1.5 cm and about 75% effaced. So my wonderful L&D nurse gets me hooked up on Pitocin as well about 9 am and the monitors showed I was already contracting pretty well, but irregularly. She decided to check progress about 11 am and I was at 3 cm and 80%. She asked if I wanted an epidural and I said sure, might as well get it now and luckily I picked when I did because she said right after she put in my order, four more popped up immediately so I would've been waiting a while! The anesthesiologist was amazing and even despite being paged and having another nurse come in twice to try to move him along to her patient, he took his time and for the first time ever I had an epidural placed perfectly and it worked the whole time without issue (yay!).

My nurse was really great about not checking me nonstop which hasn't been my past experience with nurses during inductions so she let me labor about 2 hours, baby was tolerating everything great and my contractions were definitely picking up but when she checked I had only gotten to a 4 and 80%. Still at least moving in the right direction but a little frustrating. DH & I started playing Monopoly on his phone to pass the time and I watched Friends on TV. About 3:00, she comes to check me again and asks if I've had much pressure. I told her not really but I still think he's moved down a bit and sure enough I was 7 cm and 90% and baby had come down quite a bit so she said she was going to start getting things ready as she expected a third baby to progress quickly from this point. I was so happy because I'm seriously starving at this point (seriously, being hungry was one of the worst parts of my labor which says a lot for my comfort level). Less than a half hour later, she decides to quickly check again after getting all the supplies ready because I told her I was definitely feeling more pressure and my doctor's office is 20 minutes away and we wanted to give him notice. I was 9 cm and completely effaced so she says she'll call him and try my hardest not to push. Yikes!

So the next 20 minutes was tough because he was dropping down a TON and my body wanted to push, but I was trying to concentrate on how letting him labor down would probably make pushing faster and easier so I'd just close my eyes during contractions (which were coming about every minute at this point) and try to relax. Finally, my doctor shows up and has me do a push to see if I can move him and sure enough he quickly starts moving down. I think I only pushed for 3 contractions before he said his head is right here so stop pushing and let's try to ease him out. Whatever he did worked because HALLELUJAH I didn't tear at all when he finally told me to very softly push to get his head out! *insert my happy dance here* So then he had me gently push again but his shoulders didn't want to come out so I actually had to push hard through a few more contractions to get those suckers to pop around my pelvis, but finally they did. Probably less than 10 minutes total of pushing. The plan had been for skin to skin time once baby came out, but he noticed he had blood coming out of his nose and his cord was SHORT so he was worried he'd swallowed quite a bit of blood and that the placenta had been torn a bit so he wanted the nursery nurse to take him immediately to check him out. She probably had him at the warming table for 15-20 minutes because sure enough he had a belly full of blood and was having trouble getting pinked up. They didn't tell me his APGARS but they weren't great from what I was picking up. She had to suck out his stomach with a tube to get all the blood out, poor kid! My placenta took probably 10+ minutes to finally come out and we saw it had in fact torn slightly causing the excess blood (probably caused by his short cord which also explains why he wasn't dropping quickly).

Finally they got him all suctioned out and I got to hold & feed him. I was shocked at how bald he was (my other 2 had tons of hair) and his face looked pretty beat up initially but was looking much better after a few hours. He latched on like a pro and they let us spend time with him alone for over an hour before taking him to the nursery for the other typical procedures and a bath (the only thing I don't love about this hospital vs the one I had DD at where they do everything in your room). Well unfortunately, several babies were born within an hour either way of Hudson, plus he was having some problems holding his temperature so he was away for about 3.5 hours before he finally made it back to my room. DH was with him most of the time he was in the nursery though and towards the end, my mom showed up with my other 2 kiddos so that kept me occupied. My DD thinks she can take care of him herself (eek!) and got mad that we wouldn't let her hold him unassisted yet. DS1 kept telling us "There's baby!" and he'd give him kisses but that was about all the attention he paid to him. I had gotten them both small gifts "from" the baby and he was way too occupied by that.

The best thing was that I was up walking (okay, more like shuffling because my one leg took forever to completely come back from numb land) within a few hours and I can't tell you the difference on how I feel not having any stitches to deal with and everything seems to be healing down a lot quicker this time. At this point, I feel almost back to normal, it's crazy. When I BF, I get some pretty intense after pains but if I stay on top of my pain meds, that helps tremendously. OH and also I was given a Tdap injection because I hadn't had one during my pregnancy and they are really concerned w/all the pertussis cases we've been having here this past year or so and OMGosh(!) that might have been more painful than my whole labor (but I'm a total wimp at injections so could just be me). We're super happy to have our little guy here and it feels so surreal that I now have three kids! Eek!

Picture of our little guy on his birthday...

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It's not just you. The tdap freakinv hurts. I got mine last summer because I needed the tetanus shot and I was really sore for over a week.

Sounds like a great birth! Glad everything went well and baby is ok. The blood thing must have been scary. :/

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Glad everything turned out okay. He is just adorable!

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He is so cute! Glad to hear that all ended well! This has been my easiest recovery by far too.

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I enjoyed reading your birth story...sounds like everything went pretty smoothly overall except for the issue with him swallowing blood. Glad it wasn't anything major just needing to be addressed quickly. I'm really hoping to not tear this time too. I have with both my previous; second degree tears. I would totally be doing the happy dance too! Biggrin

So is DD still really interested and wanting to help a lot? My DS1 is right at a year older than your DD and he is really excited to have a little sister. I think I'm going to have a lot of perhaps unwanted help. Wink

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great birth story, he's just adorable

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Sounds like a really good birth overall. Smile Not tearing is fabulous for recovery, that's for sure. I haven't had a tear with any of my last 4 babies - SO NICE! The swallowing blood would have been scary though, but at least they were on top of it, and got him all cleared out right away. You would never know from his picture that he looked "beat up." He looks absolutely perfect!!! Smile Congratulations.

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Sounds like. A great labor. I envy that. I'm so glad he was tended to quickly and everything is great now. TFs