Birthdays & Anniversaries

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Birthdays & Anniversaries

Some boards have a list of mamas and siblings birthdays and also anniversaries. Could we have something like that here?

My birthday is June 20th
Daniel (husband) is April 26th
Nathan (son) is September 6th
Madison (daughter) is July 3rd
Connor (son) is February 10th
Our wedding anniversary is May 18th

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Sounds good, we can have someone make us a sticky with everyone's info.

My birthday is June 12
Chris (DH) is March 23
Our anniversary is June 10
Ella is July 17
Eli is February 9
Emerson is November 26

With my luck I will go overdue and have this baby on our anniversary LOL.

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My birthday is August 7
Carlos (DH) is December 2
Emily is June 26
Cody is March 23
Malia is February 20
Anniversary June 28
EDD June 27, right between dd1's birthday and my anniversary! Biggrin

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My birthday is August 28.
Paul's (DH) is August 11.
Our anniversary is April 26.
EDD June 19 (no other kiddos).

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my birthday is May 17th
jake's (DH) is October 17th
elora's is November 3rd
our anniversary is July 2nd
edd June 15th, I will be 36 weeks the day after my bday and baby is welcome to come anytime after that day as i an have her at our hospital then.

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