Blood draw today...

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Blood draw today...

Some of you may remember that I mentioned I started bleeding/spotting immediately after my bfp. I really thought it was going to progress to a miscarriage, BUT, it tapered off and for the past couple days there has been nothing! Smile So - I called my midwife yesterday and we are going to draw blood today and Thursday to check my HCG levels. If all looks good we will do an ultrasound next week (I should be right at 6 weeks then).

Anyway, just thought I would keep you all posted. For those of you who pray, I would love prayers for great numbers! Smile

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I hope your numbers are high!

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I would LOVE to add you to the prayer list of mine!! Consider it done, girlie! Biggrin

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Praying that all looks great! I am glad to hear that things have already been improving for you.

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I'm so glad to hear that the spotting has tapered off! Sending you positive vibes for HIGH numbers! Keep us in the loop!

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T&P for good, high numbers!!

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Sending you lots of prayers.

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I'm glad u stopped bleeding and hope ur numbers are good!

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Praying for good numbers!

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Thank you all! I will hear the results of the first draw tomorrow. I should be right at 5 weeks tomorrow, so even without the second number to compare to, I'm hoping it will at least be considered "within the middle of normal range" when I get the results!

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Hope all goes well tomorrow!

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thanks for keeping us posted and that the bleeding stop!!!