braxton hicks?

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braxton hicks?

who's getting them?

I didnt even know what they were with DS so this time around I was kind of surprised but they seem to have started Monday and i get it once a day. I start with some lower cramps like my period is coming and then my belly gets hard as a rock. goes away fairly quickly but im not loving it. I got another one yesterday as well.. is it normal to get it this early?

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With my other two kids I got them early on. So far with this baby, I haven't had too many yet. Drink water and rest as much as you can when they start. Tell your doctor about them at your next appointment.

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I get them quite often, too.

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I get contractions quite often. I don't consider them BH because to me BH is false labor (continuous contractions for like an hour or more which eventually stop), not just contractions once in a while. I can always tell when it's coming because my chest gets a little tight. I get them at rest too. And I got them with DD a lot even though I rested all the time. I just consider that my body is practicing Smile And it's nice to know that a contraction is just a tightening of the belly, and that it doesn't have to hurt.

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I get them on occasion. Like Leah, this has been my least BH ridden pregnancy so far. With my other two I was getting them from about 20 weeks on. I'm sure they'll come back more annoying as I get closer. I tend to get them when little guy is moving tons and irritating my uterus!

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Yep, mine have started up. They come earlier with each pregnancy for me. With DD, I never had a single one. They started around 26 weeks for me this time. I get at least 4 a day.

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Hahaha, this is funny to me. I get them a lot and contractions. To me the difference is pain.

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the past 2 days they have only came during night time while im resting. i see my midwife on tuesday so i will bring it up to her then. so far none today

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I don't think I ever have had one. If I have, I didn't notice it.

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I've been getting them for a long time already. The get really bad when I'm walking through a grocery store and in the shower. Not sure why. I'm also slightly dehydrated so I know that's not helping.

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I'm not sure I've ever had a contraction. I never noticed one with DD and I haven't yet this time. I felt one from the outside on a I think I'd know what the tightening felt like from the outside....but ??? Perhaps I'm just oblivious. It's possible! I'm not super in tuned with my body.

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i didnt think i had any with DS but i remember going to a NST and they said they could see i was having contraction on the monitor but couldnt feel a single thing. this time it starts off with mild cramps so i know its coming and then the hardness of the belly

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Now that you mention my BIG u/s I got sent back to the waiting room because I was contracting and they couldn't get a good picture of the I guess I am contracting and don't know it. Hummm...

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Heather I didn't feel them at first when I was having DS. they looked at the monitor and said i was having them but I don't remember feeling them. I didnt think that braxton hicks could start this early, but waht I had today TOTALLY could ahve been that because I got crampy and then my belly was hard as anything! so maybe that's what it was?

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I have had them a couple of times. It kinda scared me cause it is so early but I guess it happens.

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I never had any with my first. Only a few a couple days before my second was born. With my third they started around 33 weeks every so often... mostly when I was actively walking. With my 4th and 5th I could feel random contractions once I passed 20 weeks, but not anything with a "pattern" to it until around 32-34 weeks. This time I have again felt a random contraction every now and then, but certainly nothing regular yet.