breast feeding / tounge tie

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breast feeding / tounge tie

Have any of you dealt with breastfeeding a LO with a tounge tie? Ethan has one and even though the Dr said it isn't bad and from what I read it definately could be worse, it still hurts like h*ll when nursing the majority of the time. Every once in a while it isn't painful but my nipple have been bleeding off and on and just so sore in general. The Dr said since it wasn't that bad that they wouldn't cut it but I'm at a loss as to what I can do to make it more comfortable....I refuse to give up breastfeeding so that is not an option.

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get a second opinion. Or make the doctor aware of just how badly it hurts.

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It might not be from the tongue-tied factor. For some women breastfeeding hurts the nipples, could take up to 6 weeks to get over it. You really just gotta motor through. Also, try only nursing one side per session so that your nipples get extra long breaks. I know people who have had "tongue tied" babies and used it as an excuse to give up, and some who have had no issues whatsoever. Frankly, I think it's just something doctors make up since nursing can hurt even without it!

All this to say, hang in there mama and hopefully it will get better. Use a cream, you can use nipple shields, air out your nipples when you can, and do one side per session. Good luck!

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Like I said I'm not going to quit breastfeeding so it won't be used as an excuse. I've breastfed my other 2 and never had problems like this. I have been using the lanonin cream and airing out the ladies as much as I can also have tried exspressing some milk and putting that on them. After I posted this I. Realized I could probably contact the la leche leaders in my area so I sent them an email as well. Either way we will get something figured out. Thanks for the advice!

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Definitely use all of your resources. LLL is a good help. We also have lactation consultants at our hospital and even drop in times. They were very helpful for me with DS1.

Good luck!

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Julianna isnt tongue tied but at first it hurt i bought some medela lanoline and its been working wonders i also try to put some breast milk and let it air about pumping..ifind it helps i try to do it once a day and that gives the nipples a break