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Thread: Breastfeeding tips for First-timer

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    Commit to at least 3 weeks because those are the hardest!!! It gets soooo much easier after that. Don't worry about if baby is getting enough ... As long as baby is wetting diapers you're fine!
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    At this point in time there is nothing "hard" about breastfeeding for me, it truly is just about the most natural thing. That being said, it definitely didn't start out that way. With my first I remember days on and off for quite awhile (maybe even the first 4 months) where I felt like quitting - due to things like having a fussy baby/not sure she was getting enough/eating too frequently/trying to schedule her/not sleeping well, etc. Honestly, none of her "issues" were due to breastfeeding. She was a bit of a "high needs" baby though. Best advice for the beginning - let them eat as much as they want. Don't think if they want to nurse all the time that they are somehow not getting enough. Babies LOVE the comfort of nursing (some more than others) and some will nurse quite frequently. Just let them. It is so much easier then worrying about trying to stick to a schedule. Usually around 2 months old they tend to regulate somewhat on their own into a schedule. My first dd ate every 1-2 hours for the entire first 6 months. Yes, that frequently. All the experts would say "that's too much." But that's just the way she was. My second dd ate every 3 hours starting around 8 weeks old. She REFUSED to eat more frequently then that - go figure. All my others have been somewhere between the two extremes. Okay, I'm kind of rambling now, but if you ever have a specific question I'm sure I can probably help. All of my kids nursed until they were at least 2 (except for Aidan - he was 17 months when I weaned him). A couple of mine even nursed until 3.
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