Btdt moms!!! Birthday help UPDATE

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Btdt moms!!! Birthday help UPDATE

So I hate getting those cheap goodie bags with stuff I won't let my kid play with (he's 3).... So I was thinking for my ds's birthday we would give books and a balloon. There will be around 35 kids (most in the 3-4 range a few younger and a few older- oldest is 8). I know they got books for halloween from one parent in school and all the kids seemed to be super excited. What would your reaction be and what "series" would you want to see? Oh and a pretty equal mix of girls and boys.

Eta: the party theme is Legos

So we got some great books at Barnes and noble, they gave us a 20% discount since there were so many. I let my kiddo pick them (from the 3.99 rack). There's some little critter, barenstain bears, lego, Barbie, dinosaur train, Clifford and a few others like that. He was so excited! He picked a few because so and so likes dinosaurs and boy guy like cars... It was so fun to watch him think about his friends likes and get some he thought they would enjoy not just ones that he would like.

Thanks for the great ideas!!

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YES!!!!! Books are a thousand times better than those goodie bags. As for what kind? Well, I would see if you can get some kind of bulk deal for a boxed set of something (and then just take the books out and give each child one). I think any old preschool type book should be fine.

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Is there a theme for the party? I am always a fan of the old school kids books like the Bearnstien Bears, Dr Suess, Richard Scary. Or even the Eye Spy books are great fun for kids of all ages.

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I love giving books!!! try the dollar store too. I don't think they have to all be the same, but if you can stay in a theme that's even better!!

Ps....u r the woman......35 kids, I couldn't do that!!

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I agree - books are a WAY better idea than goodie bags. However, you can also put in some neutral stickers since those are always fun, and most people don't have issues with stickers Smile They have some good smaller books with scholastic - and you could probably buy in bulk and save. They also do have lego book series I believe.

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I agree with scholastic! you can buy in bulk sets and often times they have $1 books! I think they may have some lego books too! (ithout me actually sitting here going through the STACK of scholastic order books sitting in front of me....