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Omg. Too funny.

I have been having ridiculous stomach pain. I keep thinking "omg, these are real contractions." My tummy is rock hard. My back is crampy. I can hardly breathe.

And then. ..

i burp. And I'm completely fine instantly.

This is new. I never had this before!

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Too funny.

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Lol So funny!

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Ba ha ha ha!!! So funny! I burp a LOT because I get indigestion. Sad

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lol thats hilarious

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Oh, so get this. Today while I was working my tummy was aching SO much. I didn't get it. I hadn't done THAT much all day and it wasn't super late. It felt so yucky. I was considering going and laying down to make it stop. At that point I realized I'd drank like 3 big drinks since the last time I peed. LOL! So I thought I'd try peeing. I got up and OUCH, everything was even more sore! I went pee, and instantly felt 90% better! I'm SO silly. Blum 3

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lol! these are too funny!