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I totally got busted last night and now DH's BF's wife knows I'm pg. LOL. I got a red solo cup and wrote my name on it, so as to appear to fit in. Then I conveniently went to the bathroom and filled it with water. Sneaky, right? Not so much. LOL. It was early in the night and I didn't have a solid plan for how I was going to answer if someone asked me what I was drinking. Water doesn't look like anything else really...so she asked me what I was drinking and I hummmmed while trying to think of something. Then I said 'water' all suspicious like. She said "Just water?". I said "ummmm...ya. I'm driving". Then she got a big grin on her face. "Is there any OTHER reason why you're just drinking water?". LOL. So ya, she guessed it. Not a super huge deal as she is a great person and I'm sure she'll keep the secret. After that I was so afraid for anyone else to ask. I ended up pouring someone's ginger ale in my cup so I could say 'gin & ginger' if anyone asked after that...but no one did.

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Haha. That's a great story! We went to a party recently and I grabbed a beer and kept dumping it when no one was looking so they could see it go down. Sneaky sneaky Wink

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You should have taken it to the bathroom and filled it with water! Dang I wish I'd though of that yesterday. I have some Palm Bay cans here that would have been perfect!

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Lol oops!

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That is funny!

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That's funny! I worried about this awhile back, and then it turned out that our friends wern't drinking that night either, so it ended up not being a big deal.

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LOL! too funny!

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Lol so sneaky!

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I did cranberry juice and gingerale at a couple of weddings with my first. Totally looks alcoholic. It's okay, regardless of drinking everyone around me seems to be guessing/knowing so oh well! Probably cause I look **** *** tired.

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That's hilarious!!

I got busted with some friends this weekend too. It was a 40th bday party and I was drinking my solo cup happily till we were the only ones left and they were bugging me and my husband to take a jello shot. They guess right away and I tried to make up some lame excuse, but I'm a horrible liar! lol!

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I hear ya, I'm bad at lying too. I'm SO glad there were no jello shots that night! Last time I was newly PG I went on a stagette and I managed to avoid a jello shot because I was driving. Then I managed to be the first one to the restaurant so I told the waitress I was pg and no-one knew. I asked her to bring me VIRGIN pina coladas when I ordered them without saying Virgin. She was a great sport and kept the ruse going!