Bye June (m/c mentioned)

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Bye June (m/c mentioned)

Hi all, I went to see the dr tonight. The u/s showed nothing in the uterus and both of my ovaries looked good. The dr thinks this is a chemical pregnancy. That I got pregnant and the egg never implanted, so then I miscarried. He did a blood draw for hcg, progesterone, thyroid panel, and to retest my calcium and vitamin d levels. As long as everything is fine with my bloodwork he said that we could try again my next cycle. So on to July to chart my temps and see what happens with my cycle. You all have been wonderful, hope everyone has a HH9M's!

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Sorry to hear that, good luck next cycle.

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Oh girl. I'm so terribly sorry to read this. You will be one of our June gals even if your bean never grew. *hugs*

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I'm so, so sorry for your loss. I hope you get approval to go ahead with July!! :bigarmhug:

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I'm so sorry...

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So sorry to hear this.

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I'm very sorry to hear this Sad Best of luck to you!!

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Im so sorry! I hope the dr gives the ok to start again next cycle. :bigarmhug:

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I'm very sorry Sad (((hugehugs)))

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I'm so sorry!

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I'm so sorry for you loss. Sending you lots of positive vibes and baby dust for next cycle. KUP so we can stalk you!

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Sad sorry to hear that, hopefully you get a bfp next cycle

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I'm so, so sorry......

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Sorry to hear that Sad Good luck next cycle!