C-section worries

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C-section worries

Anyone who has had a previous c- section worry it may cause problems with fertility? I am probably just frustrated because we are on cycle 9, but I constantly worry my c-section caused damage that is preventing me from conceiving. Am I being too paranoid? I have asked the doctor about this and he said it was extremely rare for that to happen. Anyone feel the same?

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Hmmm, I haven't had a c section but I've never heard anyone with that concern before. Is there a reason besides it taking longer this time for you to feel that way? I definitely think a woman's intuition about her body can be powerful but we also tend to manufacture worry sometimes too. I know I do anyway Wink

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I've never heard that either. I've had a c-section...but it took us 15 cycles to get pg the first time...so anything short of that will seem like a miracle to me. I'm not sure how old you are but just remember that our fertility changes as we age unfortunately. I was 33 when I finally conceived DD and I'm 36 now. *gulp*

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I have had two c-sections. My first pregnancy after having a c-section I got pregnant the first time. ( I was charting though so I kinda knew when to dtd). This will be my first pregnancy after having my second c-section. And we are on our 2 cycle. With my first baby I was 25, next I was 29, and now I am 32.

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I haven't personally had a c-section, but my SIL did and she had no problems getting pregnant. I guess anything is possible, but I wouldn't worry about if the doctor has said not to worry about it for now.

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Thanks ladies! I am probably just being too paranoid about this. It's like I know everything is most likely fine, but I try to find something wrong. I need to be more optimistic!

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I say if your concerned look into it.

My story is a bit different,as I had my appendix out when my DS1 was almost 4 months old - so 2 surgeries in that amount of time.
It took us 4 cycles to conceive DS1. We started TTC when DS1 was 7 momths old. After 44 months,4 m/c and a stillbirth (c section #2), I found an awesome RE who did very thorough testing, and he discovered that I had a lot of scar tissue inside that had adherred my ovaries in a position that made the possibility of an egg reaching where it needed to very slim (and was probably why the m/c, it was the abnormal eggs that found their way by fluke - my theory). I had surgery to remove the scar tissue, 4 months later, I got my bfp, and almost exactly a year after my surgery (a year and 4 days) I had DS2.....

Wish I had trusted my gut sooner