Calculating ovaluation after BC

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Calculating ovaluation after BC

How should I go about doing this? I just stopped Nuva Ring and have AF, but I have no idea of the length of my cycle anymore.

Hoping to be here, but thinking that it is more probable in the coming months once I get back on schedule.

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If you really want to give it a go to catch the eggy this first cycle I would suggest to start BDing every other day starting around CD 8 and get some OPK's to start testing. Once you get a positive OPK, BD the day of your + OPK and the next day or just BD the day of, skip a day and then one more time to keep up the every other day. It's likely you'll O the day after a positive OPK so that would be BD the day before O and the day after O as a minimum.

Otherwise, if you want a more laid back approach I'd say just have fun this cycle and start tracking cycle length so you'll know more for next cycle. However, you may find your cycle will vary some, if you don't get preggers right away, until things get back to normal off BC.

Good luck! Hope your TTC journey is a short one Smile

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What Lynn said! Wink

Good luck catching the eggie!

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Lynn gave great advice. Will you be charting as well? THat may help you for furture cycles