can hardly walk.....

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can hardly walk.....

I know my muscles etc are all week from belly growing.. BUT I have had htis awful cough/sneezy stuff since October. and its starting to get better but not great yet. Lsat night I sneezed. yes SNEEZED. and my back popped. It hurt so bad I could hardly walk. I wobbled like an old person to the bedroom and almost didn't make it. Climbed on the bed to see if DH could make the pain go away. and that didnt work. when I went to stand up it was worse. still horrible today. I can walk but Its very slow and if I sit down it comes right back. (yet if I stand all day I hurt too!) SO any suggestions? I dont know if its a pinched nerve or a pulled muscle but I can hardly move. NOT going ot be good for teachign on Monday...but I also need to be able to function at home. Ive been doing heat but its my lower back so Im trying to be careful with the amount of heat. is icy hot or somethign like that ok?

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Oh no!! What about just calling your doctor and seeing what is okay and not okay to use on it? You can also google icy hot and see if it's safe for pregnancy. I had something similar happen a few years back when I wasn't pregnant. I did absolutely nothing to it, and within about 5 days I felt MUCH better. Of course, who knows if what happened to me is the same thing!!

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Oh man, that sounds worse than my hip problems! Hopefully it doesn't last long. Maybe try a warm relaxing bath?

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Are you into chiropractic care at all? I go regularly and even more regularly during pregnancy because of all the stretching and growing, it throws everything off. I credit it regular chiro care for my last labor--pushing lasted like 6 minutes because my hips and everything were all lined up and ready to roll.

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could it be the ciadic nerve (cant spell)?

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I had that issue when I wasn't pregnant. Try a chiropractor. They worked wonders for me. Also the icy hot patch or a therma care patch is awesome for it. Feel better!

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I put a head wrap (the neck rice pack type htings) on it this afternoon and took a long nap. woke up and have been able to walk. it still hurts but I can walk and it's nothing like it was earlier. I need to get to a chiro. I was seeing one before DS, and while preg with him... and a little bit afterwards. I am picky though have been to 3 different ones and 2 of htem actually triggered migraines by the time we were done. I did see one local (still 40 mins away) taht I trust once after we moved but it was a favor type deal and now I need to schedule and get set up as a patient. problem is the only times they take new patients are 10:30 and 3:30. which means I'd have to take a day off work. and Im tryign to save my days. I don't know if I can schedule soemthing over Christmas break?

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I did something similar in labor with my DD and it caused me pain for months. Pulling a muscle is definitely possible. I'm going to say lay low as much as possible this weekend. Ibuprofen would be great but obviously we can't have that. Maybe your doc can suggest something else to help. Maybe try a hot shower on your back then rest afterwards?

Good luck! Really feel terrible for you.