Can I just say... (XP May, 2013)

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Can I just say... (XP May, 2013)

I've been on PO for many, many years.. my post count says I'm slightly addicted. :oops: Despite taking a couple year hiatus from the site, it was a ridiculous warm welcome back from some regulars, a bunch of new friends and of course, the one and only MissyJ.

I have seen things occur on PO that no one should.. and some things occur on here that EVERYONE should! What I'm saying is that I'm proud to call PO my online home as my adulthood unfolds before me every day. I love being a mom! Biggrin

That said.. I have to say that many of you who are staying in this June, 2013 BB (and unfortunately, those of you who may / ane not..) have impacted me since my rejoin a few months ago. I can't thank you from the bottom of my heart for your honesty.. your compassion.. your private messages.. support and yes, friendship.

I'm so ridiculously proud of you all who fight tooth and nail for your beans and beans to be.. as a I once told my daughter when she asked who I would love me once the baby came, a heart knows no boundaries. It knows no cap in affection.. no limit in admiration and no top in expression.

It is truly an honor to "know" you all as well or little as I do.. and I couldn't think of a better group of chikas to go through this pregnancy with (because I know so many of you stalk back to May, 2013, right? WinkLol ). Smile Thank you for being you - the REAL you.. the HONEST you.. the GENUINE you! With so many fakes and frauds out there, it's refreshing to see happiness in it's raw form!

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming. ROFL

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So glad to have "met" you and yes, I'm still stalking!!

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I like you a lot're so kind and friendly. You better keep visiting our board. I know I keep visiting yours!