Can't figure out how to handle food/drinks...

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Can't figure out how to handle food/drinks...

I've had m/s since about 7 weeks, and I've kept it pretty well under control. Not my hydration though, I'm definitely always running on the side of dehydrated. But I can't seem to drink enough to help since it makes me nauseous. It has gotten worse though, because we just got over a stomach bug. I had it sooooo bad vomiting 15 times in 10 hours, plus diarrhea. I ended up going into the hospital to get IV fluids since I was so dehydrated. Well they seemed to help quite a bit as the next day I woke up feeling great. But by 4:30 I started to crash again. The issue now is that I can't seem to eat very much, and when I do it makes me nauseous. I can't drink enough to keep up - so DH is thinking we need to get me on IV at least once a week. By the time I put DD down to sleep, I'm usually really hungry. So for the past two nights, I ended up eating too much at night before bed, then waking up in the middle of the night to throw it all up. Today I'm trying just lighter meals, so I tried a smoothie to tackle both issues - yet my stomach is in total knots again.

I have no idea how to get enough food + water and not feel like I'm eating too much or so nauseous that I don't want to eat at all. And when I eat something remotely "heavy" (think a couple of eggs on a piece of toast) I get so tired just trying to digest it. I know that not sleeping well makes it a thousand times worse - but it's all tied in! ARGHHHHHH!

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Oh man! SO frustrating! For me it's about small meals often...and find something that works for you and eat it over and over. Oddly enough, pickles have been something I can often seem to they go fast around here. Lately, I've been really into Subway. It seems odd because of all the veggies and different flavours...but it's working so I stick with it.

As for might need to have small sips of something all day long. Too much at once might be part of the problem. The other idea is having fruit that is high in water too...that counts to hydrate you.

I find that sometimes I just look at a food and want to vomit. LOL. The thought of even putting it in my mouth makes me want to run away! That's an indication to me that I should try something else. Some nights for dinner I only have a few bites, some nights I want it all. Some nights I feel great when I'm eating but 10 minutes later I think I'm going to be sick. Ugh. It really sucks!

Have you talked to your doctor/midwife about how sick you are? Perhaps you need some meds?

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I would try and make your liquids count - try gatorade. You will get a few calories that way and you will also get electrolytes as well. Gatorade shouldn't overwhelm your stomach too much either.

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I agree on trying to get some liquids with electrolytes. They even have less flavored ones if you aren't a poweraid/gatorade fan. I'm assuming your doc is informed on the issue if you've been hospitalized for dehydration, but definitely keep him/her posted if things aren't improving because dehydration can cause so many other issues. The biggest thing that got my OB to write a prescription for an anti-nausea pill was that I couldn't drink anything.

Sorry girl, I really feel for you. I hope you are able to start feeling better soon if nothing else. Lots of positive vibes :vibes:

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im sorry to read this. i hope that you can get help and drink soon.