Can't sleep!

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Can't sleep!

Jon's alarm goes off in 45 minutes and I'm still wide awake. Grrr! I only had like 6oz of caffeinated soda and that was at 10am. What the heck? I'm not even having contractions (I did several nights this week) and I have only had to pee once. It's prime sleeping conditions and I'm wide awake. Blah.

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:bighug: I've been having a bit of trouble with this over the past week too. I feel your pain!

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Ugh - don't I know it.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Add me to the not sleeping list. I was up pretty much all night with contractions in my back that would establish a pattern, then fizzle out, then repeat. UGH! This morning they are few and far between so just some good old false labor I guess.

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uggh... my lower back has been hurting me for 3 days and i slept like pure poo last night. my house was hot as heck and i had massive heartburn and i kept feeling charlie horse feeling in my stomach when i was trying to lay on my right side and then julianna thought it was party time and was wiggling around when i was trying to fall asleep

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Not sleeping club member checking in too!
I fell asleep at 8, but woke up at 8:45. Pretty much just little spurts of dozing off on the couch from there, Sad