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Catching up!

Hi ladies! It has been a long time since I logged in...I forgot my password and I am insanely busy chasing my 15 month old around haha! But she is in bed and I finally remembered to reset my password so I thought I would come say hello Smile

I also don't think I have shared that we are expecting another GIRL!!!!! Biggrin I am soooo happy to be on team pink again. I secretly wanted another girl Wink

I'm just starting to plan my home waterbirth. I probably should have gotten on it sooner but like I am I exhausted with my DD lol. I think I am more tired now than I was in the first tri. Also we are still nursing! Haven't had milk in awhile but she is happy to continue nursing at the moment so I hope it continues and I can once again get some of my milk into her! She lost some weight when my milk dried up and that was concerning. It dried up when she was 13 months so still very dependant on it!

Anyway I am off to check in on the latest posts and see how you all are doing! Getting closer this pregnancy flying by for anyone else?! I can't believe I am 28 weeks! :eek:

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Nice to see u back

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Welcome back! Smile Glad you updated us, I was wondering about you. Congratulations on your little girl! I'll update your info on the EDD and gender list. Sorry you've been so tired; it's tough keeping up with a little one and being pregnant. It'll be so fun for your little girls to grow up close in age. Although hard work for you while they are little. Wink

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NIce to see you again.

My milk pretty much dries up in the middle of all my pregnancies. It was really hard for my second dd, as it was pretty much gone by the time she was 9-10 months old, and I did have to supplement a little bit, but in the end, she continued to nurse until she was 3. SHe LOVED the new milk when it came in. I just weaned my little man a couple weeks ago, BUT my 2 (will be 3 next month) year old is still nursing a couple times a week - go figure! Also, keep in mind that some kids don't like the new milk when it comes in. My 3rd dd nursed through the entire pregnancy, and the minute my next dd was born and she tasted the new milk, she wanted nothing to do with it and she was done. Anyway, she was just turning 2, so she didn't "need" it as much at that point anyway. It is nice when the ones that are a bit younger do continue to nurse, so I hope it works out for you!

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I was wondering what others' experiences were with the nursing/milk. And Laurie I was especially curious since I know you've tandem nursed. DD was going strong until about 4 months, and now has slowed on her own. Down to once/twice per day. Usually in the morning, and then bedtime - but sometimes she will just go to sleep without. I'm curious to see if she will a) continue through the rest of the pregnancy, and b) want to nurse when the milk comes back. I've told her it will come back, but she also knows the baby will be drinking milky, so I wonder how that all will affect her.

Thanks for the update! I couldn't imagine having them so close like that. Don't know how people do it. I swear the extra few months makes such a difference in my head!

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Thanks for the update! Good to hear from you. Yay for another girl but boooooo for being so exhausted. I'm tired a lot too and so glad I have DH around to help. Ugh!

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Glad you came back! I hear you on the constant chasing-a-15-month-old.....I'm doing that here too. Plus wrangling my 4 and 5 year old from killing each other. LOL.

On day when we are 50 we will get some sleep, right?