Cd 5 to cd 12 opks

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Cd 5 to cd 12 opks

I have been collecting these for you girls!!!

Cd 12 the last one is today!!!

Personally I think it's rather nice!!!

Bonkathon coming on!!!!


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Get to it!!!

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Hahaha at bonkathon!! Have fun! It looks good!

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Have a good Bonkathon! lol

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Good luck!

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So..... M is at his saxophone lesson!
I have fish pie in the oven.
I have had a bath and shaved what little hair I could get as I shaved Saturday!!
And I am sitting in my shirts and tee that I used to wear when I first met him!!!
Finally can wear it all without looking lime a whale!!
Hoping my seduction will get a willing nookie partner rather than a grumpy 'you're just using me for my sperm' man!!
He should be home in about half hour!!!

Have to catch that eggie!!!!

Thanks for the good luck vibes ladies!!!


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Nice lines! Hope you got a willing sperm donor Wink

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Wooo hoooo! Must be nice to O so early! You're one lucky get doin' it?

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We did we did!!

Gotrehearsals to night so unless I can convince him before I go out... It's going to be a late one tonight!!

Heather... Yup... I am lucky... My cycles are fab!!!
Just need tocatch that eggie!!!

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lovely lines! Good luck!

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Thank you. Wink xxxx

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Yeah Liz!! I hope you are enjoying a nice bd'ing marathon!!! Biggrin Have fun catching that eggie!!!