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anyone doing cereal yet? My coworker who had her baby like 2/3 weeks before I did is doing cereal and applesauce...her dr said it was ok. I asked a friend of mine when she started her little one and she said 4-5 months, but that her cousin had been told at abotu 2 it was ok to start... Just wondering where everyone stands with this? Noah eats a 6 oz min bottle almost every 3 hrs......

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Hadn't even thought about it, though DS is trying to get me to buy her some he says no peas though because peas are gross. I don't think I will introduce anything until she starts acting interested, we wasted quite a bit of money with DS because I would try food nearly daily and he would not eat more than a bite until he was nearly ten months or so.

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We are going to do baby led weaning this time, which means no food until baby can self feed (and it also means no jar food/cereals. You go straight to table food). It also means we won't start food until somewhere between 5 and 7 months, when he shows a real interest and develops the hand coordination to pick up a piece of food.

The only real reason to start cereal this young is for reflux and generally that is done under a doctor's care. It is really really hard on their immature digestive systems and unless the benefits outweigh that, it's really not the best idea. Tori had to be on it and while it helped the reflux it caused other issues, like hard painful poops and constipation.

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Definitely not here. My babies start cereal at 5-6 months.

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Well said Rachelle!!! I was trying to figure out how to say all of that last night and not come off as rude. LOL

We do similarly to what Rachelle said. We don't introduce solids until around 6 months and we don't do cereals and jarred food. We feed small pieces of what we're eating. We put it on the high chair tray and baby gets to practice his/her pincher grip and hand/eye coordination to get food to their mouth. Eating is a learning/social experience that way.

In my opinion the digestive system in a 2 month old isn't ready for solids and I don't really see the point in complicating life.

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I agree that I most definitely wouldn't do cereal until four months minimum without your doctor advising you to do so. I did the whole baby food thing with my first and then did more of what Heather and Rachelle described with my second and plan to do the latter again. It worked much better for us.

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Nah, DD didn't get anything until 7+ months and we only did pureed food for a little while before small pieces of food. She is an awesome eater now. We really didn't do cereals at all.

I really like this website.

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My kids never started on cereal, and we started at 4 months. This time around I am reading about baby led weaning and thinking about it. I am no hurry to start food, it's just something else to add to the routine Smile

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With dd1 we started at 4 months bc she was super interested but ema is a much much better eater and gaining weight much faster so i wanna try baby led like rach and heather. We will see what mil says lol.

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Here's an article on delaying solids. Might be worth a read Patience. I seem to remember you have food allergies in your family, is that correct? You might really benefit from delaying solids.


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BLW here too Smile

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We won't start to at least 5-6 months either. I didn't do alot of cereal last time and made my baby food. I'll probably do the same this time around.

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julianna has horrible reflux where she burp and chokes herself to the point that she turns purple so I will discuss cereal with dr next week. I don't want to but if it helps her reflux im considering it. with DS I didn't do cereal until 4 months and made all my baby food

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I was going to mention the same thing about food intolerances and allergies in people who started solids too early. We also don't do cereals. With DD we started her with some foods mixed with a little breastmilk at 6 months, but mostly just to have her introduced to foods. She didn't eat anything substantial until about 10-11 months.