Cereal Time

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Cereal Time

I was going to try to hold off on food till 6 months, but she is so interested in it and I figured we would give it a go.

But I don't remember any of the rules for starting food.
How much?
How often?
How long till other foods come in?

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If she's interested in food, I'd even consider skipping the cereal. Go right to veggies or fruit! There is honestly no need to start with carb high foods. Opinions are certainly changing on starting with cereal.

These suggestions are from the KellyMom website.
LLL suggests this progression when introducing your baby (6 months or older) to solid foods:

Ripe banana, avocado, yam, or sweet potato (sweet like breastmilk)
Whole-grain breads and cereals (rather than baby cereals)
[wheat and corn are usually delayed until baby is 9-12 months old]
Fresh fruits
[citrus fruits are usually delayed until baby is 9-12 months old]
Dairy products after 9 months
[cow's milk is usually delayed until baby is 12-18 months old]

Remember "food before 1 is just for fun!" It's all about experimenting. Start out with a bit of solid food once a day.

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I'm not a big fan of cereal mainly because I don't have a ton of time to spoon feed baby while he spits half of it out. That aside, we still have let the kids a try it and both of my boys haven't been into it at all. My DD on the other hand really loved it and ate it for months mixed with fruits and veggies (and being my first, I had plenty of time to feed her ;)). Anyway, I think what Sandra said is pretty much what I would suggest too. I given H pieces of bread (tiny), bananas & apples so far. I'll probably steam some carrots this week and try those with him. Whether you decide to do cereal or not I think is up to you, but as Sandra suggested I wouldnt stress about how much you feed rather than just doing it to introduce tastes and textures. I just feed until they no longer seem interested... No reason to force feed Wink as far as how you can introduce other foods, the only thing I've ever heard is to wait at least a week or so between each new food to make sure there isn't an allergy.

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Ya, we never did cereal with DD either. We started finger foods at 6 months. Just tiny pieces of soft food we were eating.

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We have given apples, pears, chicken, turkey, pork, bread. No purees, figured I wouldn't waste the money as DS hated them. She loves anything I let her have, and gets very mad if we are eating and she doesn't get any or if I take away something before she is done with it.

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We just let Oliver taste whatever we are eating. I did buy some baby pears for him to explore but mostly he just tastes things. Mashed potatoes, the sauce from our pizza, a small bite of yogurt, etc. my kids never ate much of the baby foods so I'm not going crazy with them this time.

Overall the thing to remember is at this age they shouldn't really rely on solids for calories. It's all about textures and tastes and exploring a new thing.

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my pedi said to start with a tbsp of cereal first 1x a day then bring it up to 3xs a day always after a bottle then start with vegetables, first the greens, orange and red ones then introduce fruits and do a 4 day wait rule before trying another food

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She loves the cereal. I bought a brown rice, oatmeal and something combo from babies r us.

We tried bananas mushed with breastmilk, not a fan!

Carrots were ok, some bites she liked, the others not so much.

I make all my own baby food so the texture is not as smooth as jar and I'm thinking its a texture thing. Not pushing it, just letting her lead and what she is ready for.

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I have started food. I have never started any of my babies on cereal, their first food has been sweet potatoes. I also make my own baby food, it is so much cheaper!
Wholesome Homemade Baby Food Recipes | Make Fresh Baby Food, Healthy Homemade Baby Food, it's easy with new baby food recipes, solid food tips, baby nutrition & more! is a great website for anyone interested!

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I agree that is saves sooooo much money! I didn't find it difficult either. I'll give seet potatoes a try this week. Smile