Checking in/Update

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Checking in/Update

Hey ladies, been MIA for a minute but have been catching up on all your guys post. I've been so busy lately. Wanted to update on my Glucose test. I passed it, and I'm so happy, had Gestational diabetic with Alex and was not looking forward to it this pregnancy.

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That's great about the test! I take mine next week and am admittedly very nervous

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That's great that u don't have to deal itch it this time. Woo hoo!

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YES! Congratulations on passing the GD test. That will make your pregnancy experience MUCH more pleasant! Biggrin

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I understand you being nervous. I was so nervous, but good luck with your test next week, hope it goes well.

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Congrats on passing!! It is great that you don't have to deal with that for this pregnancy.