Chiro Appt & Fun Appt

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Chiro Appt & Fun Appt

So I went to the chiropractor today. I'm down to weekly now. Anyways, as he was doing my adjustment he mentioned that some part of my lower back (can't remember the name) is tight...'getting ready for birth' and 'that's a good thing'.


Positive news is my friend! Biggrin

Oh, and my friend who is arriving from out of town tonight (until the 12th) offered to pay for us both to have pedicures and leg massages tomorrow! Hopefully the leg massage will help move things along. I asked for a recommendation of a place that would do acupressure too and a local mom went to this place at 41 weeks and she thinks it helped!

Happy day!

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Sounds great! Hope you enjoy your pedicure and leg massage!

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Awesome! Sounds like lots of fun!!!!

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Yay for good news!

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Very nice!

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How sweet!! have fun and enjoy.

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Can't believe baby is still baking!! These surprise gender babies like to keep us wondering!

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Ugh, STILL baking....

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Well, my toes are pretty...but no baby yet. DD and I have been telling him/her we're ready to meet him/her. Blum 3