To Clomid or not Clomid, that is the question.

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To Clomid or not Clomid, that is the question.

So my previous 4 pregnancies we got pregnant within a month or three of trying, very fortunate.

We have been trying for 7 months now. I'm 41.

I met with the doctor and she offered Clomid, but I'm unsure. She said the risk of twins is very slight, she wouldn't worry about twins at all. She said she's confident that nothing major is wrong, just that DH and I are getting older. I have good health. DH's health is less good -- recently diagnosed as diabetic and he's not very good about taking care of it. (I know, I know, but nagging does him no good, he pushes back even more)

Do you think Clomid is a good first step? She's also going to test my prolactin and FSH on CD3. (I'm on CD 14 so a bit of a wait)


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Janel, I would see about going to an RE, they are much better about fertility stuff. Also, with your DH being diabetic it can lower his sperm so that could be causing the issue. The risk of twins is fairly small with clomid but there may be other issues going on.

Personally I am 43 but I have always had fertility issues.

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If my u/s of my uterine lining looks good I'm going to ask to do clomid next cycle. As I understand it the risk if twins is very low but im
willing to accept the risk to help us get pregnant. I have heard it can effect your lining though and if my lining is thin then I will probably not go there. I have heard they can give you estrogen to help combat the lining issue though do maybe it would still be an option. And I've never really had an issue conceiving either. It took me 5 mos after my 2nd m/c that's the longest it's taken. I've gotten pg the first try the last two times we ttc. And I was on the pill when I got pg in jan with our lost baby. So I don't know what's up with me either!