Constipation, Gas, TMI

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Constipation, Gas, TMI

LMAO!!! I don't know how to help myself, so
1. I'm pregnant and already gassy
2. I was constipated horribly
3. Now I'm not constipated as badly, but I take 3 colace a day and eat at least 35 grams of Fiber :eek:

In my old job, and last pregnancy, I had an office, with a door, but now I have a cubicle and although it is nice big and somewhat private, I never know when the gas is going to get bad.

So I sit here worrying I am going to make noise (which I have, lol) and if it is going to smell (which it has) and I have to pass several other cubicles on the way to the bathroom, so I'd be mortified to be walking down the hallway just letting them loose. lol!

I can't help but laugh, but I can't help it. I'd rather have gas than constipation any day.

I brought in some scented oil with the sticks (I forget what they are called), but that wouldn't help if it happens to be noisy.

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:bighug: Sorry you have the "preggo toots" going on! I had gas pretty badly my first tri but luckily it seems to have mellowed out for the time being. But having worked in an office during my first pregnancy, I can just say I've been there! Everyone just assumed I had to pee a hundred times a day because I'd always take off for the bathroom (which was on another floor by the way...not so convenient!). Hang in there Smile

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What about listening to music? Hehe.. I do at work on my computer. But I don't have bad gas problems anymore either. Thankfully. Not saying it can't happen though lol

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Oh no!! I feel so bad for all you ladies struggling with this. Constipation has never been an issue for me in pregnancy, until just "slightly" at the end, and by that I mean instead of daily it might be every 2 days instead. I do drink 2 cups of coffee every morning!!! Maybe that does the trick for me??

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How much water are you drinking?
I also have a cup of coffee that seems to help.

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I think the coffee really helps. With DD I felt nauseous and stopped drinking coffee...then I had bad constipation. This time I've drank coffee the whole time. I also keep prunes and prune juice in the house just in case...oh, and apple juice helps too. A lot of constipation is manageable with diet, but the medication induced stuff might be harder. Sad