CVS done! **Updated**
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Thread: CVS done! **Updated**

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    Default CVS done! **Updated**

    YAY, my CVS is all done and I'm lounging at our hotel.

    The procedure went well. The baby was asleep at first I movements except the heart. They determined that it would be easiest to go abdominally this time (last time was vaginal). I closed my eyes for the was painful but not excruciating. They did this 'pumping' motion for getting the fluid out...that wasn't pleasant and caused some cramping. As the doctor promised the cramping stopped as soon as they pulled the needle out. It couldn't happen soon enough for me. LOL!

    DH said they woke the baby up with all the poking and he said he/she was waving all around! putting on quite the show. I didn't see because I had my eyes closed. LOL. I don't need to see that needle!

    After the procedure the ultrasound tech showed us the baby a bunch on her BIG screen tv (new since last time) and even printed two pictures! Last time they wouldn't give me a picture and I was so disappointed! My favorite part was seeing baby's little hands...and all the bones in his/her hands.

    As much as the idea of an abdominal CVS freaked me out, it was actually WAY better. No speculum, no cervical clamp, no spotting. I felt fairly normal walking out of there. Apparently the risk of problems is less with abdominal too. The weird thing was they didn't even give me a band aid. The stuck a needle through my abdominal muscles into my uterus and i don't even get a band aid? LOL. The picture of my baby made up for that though!

    Now it's just a waiting game. They said 2-3 weeks.

    Oh, and we told them we don't want to know the sex of the baby for sure. The box was's official! TEAM GREEN!!!

    Heeeeere's my baby! I wish the hand were in the pic! (sorry for the poor cell scanner at the hotel!)


    Things are going great! Last night my left side of my abs (where they put the needle in) was achy and sore. That's pretty much to be expected. I've had no other discomfort though, so that's good. I'm SO glad they went through my abdomen now. Much easier recovery! We are still in the hotel and I'm still on my self-imposed bed rest. We're planning on catching the 5pm ferry so we can be home to kiss DD goodnight tonight. We phoned her and she sounded SO mature on the phone. Now we both miss her so much.

    Last time I got up I took pics of my belly so you can see where the needle went in. Can you even see the red dot down low there? That's it! Seems pretty insignificant when you see it now! LOL. My belly is pink because of the antiseptic they used to wash it.

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    What a precious little baby!! I'm sure that will be the longest 2-3 weeks ever, but I'm sure you'll get good news! I'm glad the CVS went well, but OUCH!! I'm not afraid of needles and that would scare me!

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    Yay for pics!! glad itt went well

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    I'm glad that it was better then last time and that it's OVER!!! Very cool that you were able to enjoy seeing your baby at the end and even get a couple pics.
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    Glad it went better than last time. Great pic of the little baby!
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    So sweet! It is amazing how fast they change at this stage!

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    I'm so glad the CVS went better this time!! The pic of baby is so incredibly cute!
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    Love the pic!
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    So glad to hear it went okay and is OVER! I've been thinking about you all day. Sorry you have to wait so long, but that's awesome you are OFFICIALLY team green! I wish I could get my DH to commit but we're still in limbo here.

    Here's to a speedy 2-3 weeks and great results Cheers! <---root beer of course

    PS: Like you said to my u/s pic 2 weeks ago, I love that our due dates are so close because I get to think "that's what my baby already looks like?!?" Such a great pic!
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    So happy that everything went well! what a sweet pic of your baby! Congrats on being team green!!!

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