The date is set!!

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The date is set!!

We have an official csection date of June 7th at 730 am EST!!! I'm totally psyched that its getting so close! But definitely a little nervous at the same time!! Ahhhh Smile

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Holy smokes! An "End" date set in stone for one of us!

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Wow, that's crazy! You have to be the first real date! I'm sure I could have a date too but I really really hope to avoid a repeat c-section. Please baby behave!

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Wow yay!

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Wow!! That is right around the corner!

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That's so exciting!!!

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Wow, this is all getting too real! Congrats on having a date set!

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Wow, that is exciting!! Smile

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I know! This is all getting so real now! I started packing a bag for the hospital. And to think some of you will be having babies before me!!

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:woohoo: Sounds like a perfect birthday!

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Congrats on a date!