Day I had DS

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Day I had DS

So according to my cute fruit ticker (according to the baby gaga on here - its tommorrow), today is the day my water broke with DS.

I will feel a sense of accomplishment getting past today and tommorrow because after that it's uncharted territory for me! I don't know what it is like to go past 35 weeks. Kind of excited and scared :eek:

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I'm excited for u. I was curious if I could make it past when elora came, but missed it my 3 days.

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I remember feeling like that each time! Of course, I went longer and longer with every pregnancy! Thankfully I will be induced BEFORE I get to that point this time. I'd hate to go longer than 11 days past due!

Welcome to uncharted territory!

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Congrats on making it past your personal milestone Biggrin I hope to not pass my DS' birth day which was technically 8 days past due (they moved my EDD around a few times with him, but the other two we've gone by LMP so that's what I'm basing that # off of).

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I remember that with Lucas! Tori was 37 weeks so once I got past that I felt weird. I felt overdue, accomplished, emotional... I was a mess! Congrats on making it this far!

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That's wild! It's the same for me...water broke the evening of 36 wks 4 days (which I am today) and DS2 was born the next morning. So if I make it past tomorrow I'll be further along than I've ever been. I hope to see 37 wks this pregnancy. Best wishes for us both! Smile