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Thread: Do you tell if someone guesses?

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    I ended up telling my sister-in-law well before anyone else. We were at my in-laws place and I was feeling sick and tired, and we had just found out. She semi-jokingly asked and I said no in front of everyone, but then I felt guilty for lying so we pulled her aside and told her privately. But other people I am not as close with, I wouldn't share until we are ready.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandraleigh View Post
    If someone knows you well enough to be ballsy enough to ask then I'd probably tell her.
    I don't think those two go together. Some people are just nosey whether you know them well or not! I had a woman, a friend of a friend who I casually know, ask me if I was pg when I was like 6 weeks or something! Totally nosey and she even admitted it! She thought maybe I was because of my pins on pinterest. Like, geeze! Now I have an all new secret board on pinterest to hide those baby pins!

    Quote Originally Posted by FourMaybeMore View Post
    It depends, I mean; will she tell others that you don't want to know or can she keep a secret?
    That's the key for me. Their ability to keep a secret. My mom has told secrets in the past but she has been pretty good at keeping the pg thing quiet. She emailed me yesterday that she saw MIL for 4 hours and managed to not spill the beans! LOL. Good work mom!

    Quote Originally Posted by pollo_la View Post
    I am also equally annoyed by people who continually ask people about their "family planning." For people who are privately struggling with infertility it can be extremely hurtful to have people continually asking them when they are going to have a baby!! Bud out and mind your own business!
    I TOTALLY agree with you on this. It took us 15 cycles to get pg with DD and it was a very painful and private process. We didn't tell anyone we were TTC because we didn't want people asking every month how things 'went'. A few months ago MIL started pestering about making DD a big sister. I find those comments, whether flippant or not, to be VERY rude. It really irks me.

    Quote Originally Posted by dinzy View Post
    I agree that it's more fun to tell in person, but sometimes it's just not possible.
    I'm totally the opposite! I'd rather tell the world by email, text and FB. I hate giving news to people in person, whether good or not. It's weird. I just don't like the attention I guess.
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