Dollar Tree tests

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Dollar Tree tests

Anyone else use the dollar tree tests? I don't see anything on them saying when to test. Has anyone gotten a positive before AF was supposed to show up? I have one left and I'm trying to decide when to use it. AF is should show up tomorrow but the test I did yesterday was a very clear negative. Should I do it tomorrow or the next day? Ahh...I have no patience (and also not enough tests LOL).

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I love em!!! I've gotten clear positives at 10 dpo, and I've gotten "I'm not 100% sure, but I think I see something" at 9 dpo with them! Smile

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Yes, with both my kiddos I got a positive on a dollar tree at 9/10 DPO. With this baby, I didn't test until after AF was due because we weren't technically trying Smile

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I got a smidge of something that only I could see at 10 dpo (in my heart I knew it was there but it was so faint and disappeared at certain angles). Anyway, 30 minutes later I got a very obvious positive on a FRER so I think they arent' quite as sensitive but still pretty good.

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I used one at 12 dpo with DS and got a positive. However that was 3 yrs ago and they seemed different now... AND I started at 8 or 9 dpo and never got a positve on them this time. at 12 dpo (day AF was due) I still had a neg. 13dpo I had a postive on an Answer test. ( AF was late then)