Don't remember any kicking today?

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Don't remember any kicking today?

She has been kicking so consistently, but I don't recall feeling her yet today.

I guess I'm just anxious because a friend or our's just found her baby with no hb at 19 weeks.

Maybe I've just been too busy today to notice.

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nevermind, I'm just crazy. I downed a glass of juice and she's awake now.

That news from the friend the other day just rattled me and I'm an anxious person as it is.

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I'm so glad she's moving around now!!

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That sort of news makes me anxious as well. I am glad she is moving around now.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, how terrible Sad glad she moved for you finally!

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I share your fear and am constantly waiting for her movements. I'm so glad she responded to the juice.

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Stressful/busy days will do that. A few days ago I remember not feeling babe the whole day - then finally I lay down at night and all was restored. My m/w mentioned something about it last visit that after 28 weeks if you don't feel anything, you should be looking for 6 movements in 2 hours of lying down/resting. A little sugar rush works too! Sorry about your friend - that's a tough one for sure!