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dr appt

Well blood pressure was good 118/62..i only gained 1 pd...so far no progress still..midwife said if i dont go into labor on my own i will be induced next Tuesday july 2nd...i cant imagine all these contractions there is no progress

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The end is in sight! I hope something happens before then!

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Sorry your contractions aren't productive (I know the feeling). Hope something happens but yay for an end date!

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I think with your induction date set, I will officially be last to have a baby! I will hold out until July 10 before I'm willing to be induced and right now I simply don't believe I'm going into labor on my own.

Glad everything else looks good, though! Hang in there!!!

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Sounds like a good over all appt. I totally understand getting frustrated about contractions and no progress. It is not a fun game Sad

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:lurk: Best of luck! That's my birthday! Smile

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Sometimes those babies just need to bake a little longer! SOunds like all is well.

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Hope it goes by quickly! Glad everything is good tho.

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Glad everything looks good! Maybe something will happen before a week passes but either way it's not long now! Smile